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AMS Attendance

In Pennsylvania, school attendance procedures are mandated through state law and school district policy. When a student misses school, they must bring a written note from a parent/guardian or medical professional within 3 days of their return to school. A note is needed even if a call was made to the school to report an absence and should include the student’s name, the dates of the absences and reason for the absences. Acceptable excuses for absences are listed in the student handbook.

If a written excuse is not turned in or the reason for the absence is not among the listed acceptable excuses, then the absence will be recorded as unexcused. By law, the school district must send a written notice home once a student accumulates 3 unexcused absences. If a student accumulates 6 unexcused absences, then they are considered, by law, to be habitually truant. A “Student Attendance Improvement Plan” must then be put into place that clearly outlines consequences for further absences.

Once a student accumulates 10 absences, medical excuses should be sent for any further absences. If a student will be missing school for a planned trip, an approved absence form should be completed and turned in to the main office BEFORE they leave. Please contact the Middle/High School Assistant Principal for any questions.

Kaitlin Remensky
Avonworth Middle & High School Assistant Principal
Office:  412-366-6360  ext. 1650


Attendance Forms

Parents can also email to submit high school excuses and early dismissal requests.