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Parent Network

The Avonworth Middle School Parent Network was developed to support the educational process for our children.  We do this by promoting the welfare of children and youth in home, school, and community; bringing into closer relation the home and the school so that parents and teachers may cooperate intelligently in the education of children and youth; developing, between educators and the general public, united efforts that will secure for all children and youth the highest advantages in physical, mental, and social education; educating parents on issues of concern to students and educators; providing resources for the staff to enhance the tools they have available; and promoting positive social activities for students in a safe environment.

The Parent Network is an independent, volunteer group that is dedicated to supporting the students, teachers, parents and administration of Avonworth Middle School.

  • Sponsor fun activities for students, including in-house socials, skating party, pool party, and pancake breakfasts.
  • Support teachers—The teaching team for each grade has a liaison in the Parent Network who provides assistance for events and resources as needed.  Parent Network sets aside $300 per year per grade for supplemental resources requested by teachers.  Parent Network ends the school year with a Teacher Appreciation Day to thank teachers for their hard work and dedication.
  • Support the Middle School administration—staff the Scholastic Book Fairs and assist with the Eighth Grade Commencement.
  • Facilitate communications between parents and school—Meetings are held to give the opportunity to discuss topics with the principal and other parents.  Communication is made via the middle school newsletter each month with important information concerning upcoming events.

Social Rules and Regulations

Parents/guardians are asked to read over and discuss the following rules and guidelines for conduct at the Parent Network’s Middle School Social with their children. Please review these expectations with your child(ren). The form is to be signed by you and your child(ren) and returned to the Middle School Office as soon as possible. Without this signed permission, students will NOT be permitted to attend the socials.  You can view and print the Social Rules and Regulations form here.

A suggested donation of $5 may be collected at some events.



  • Only students from Avonworth Middle School are permitted to attend the socials; no other students will be admitted.
  • Students who are under suspension or who must serve Saturday detentions are not permitted to attend until after those penalties are served.
  • Only students who have attended school that day are permitted at the Socials.
  • Attendance will be taken at the registration desk before students enter the Social.

Outside Items 

All purses and jackets will be permitted if needed during outside events. Please do not bring backpacks. No outside food or drinks are to be brought into the Social. They must be discarded before entering.


  • Bathrooms are for personal use only, and students should not congregate there. Chaperones will monitor bathrooms periodically to have students move along.
  • Once students enter the Social, they cannot leave until it is over unless a parent comes in to pick them up.
  • Clothing must be appropriate and within the guidelines of the school dress code, or parents will be contacted to bring more appropriate clothing.
  • All chaperones must be respected, and students must follow any directions they give. Without these adults, the socials would not be able to be held.
  • Chaperones have the right to enforce these rules. Failure to respect them may result in the student not having permission to attend further socials or school-related events.

Parent Sign-Up

Small commitments of time or donations is all it takes to create a fun and safe activity. Please fill out the sign-up survey to get an idea of ways you can participate.


Volunteer Clearances

We appreciate our volunteers and thank you for taking the time to complete all necessary clearances to help us ensure our schools are a safe learning environment for all. 

Volunteer Clearance Guide