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Mr. Pellicano

School Counseling services are provided in the middle school and the Freshman class by Mr. Aaron Pellicano.  While it is often thought that a School Counselor works only with those students who are in trouble,  Mr. P. is available to all students and families in hopes of making the daily life at Avonworth be more successful for each student.  All counseling efforts can be focused on three service domains; academic, career, and social-personal.

Many people have asked what is the difference, Guidance Counselor versus School Counselor.
While guidance is a word used to focus on school to career topics and class choices to lead to these future choices, school counseling has broadened its focus on the developmental needs of the student as he passes through each grade level.  Mr. P. will been seen as a guest presenter in the classrooms or as a co-presenter with the teachers.  He will also prepared small group lessons for the challenges at hand and schedule time to meet with the students in a one to one setting to discuss personal needs.  Lunch bunches with friends in Mr. P.’s office is one of many weekly small groups.   Mr, P. also works closely with outside agencies, administrators, teachers, and nurses, and licensed counselors that our students may be receiving services.  

There are many needs at the middle school level.  Academic needs are paramount in learning study skills and organizational skills as well as learning to work well independently or in a small group.  Grief and loss, anxiety and depression, self-esteem, and physical growth needs affect students and their academic growth.  Mr. P. is one of many individuals who will guide your child through the challenges of being a pre-teen and teenager.  

It is our goal to have the counseling services help your child experience Avonworth as a safe and comfortable place to learn.  Families and caregivers are welcome to contact Mr. Pellicano for assistance all needs that present themselves.


Aaron Pellicano
Avonworth Middle School Counselor
Office:  412-366-9650  ext. 1701