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School Hours

The school day begins at 8:00 AM and ends at 2:55 PM.  The schedule includes nine modules, called “mods” for short.

Some core subjects like English Language Arts/World Cultures are integrated and taught in “double mods” that allow more time for learning and personalized attention for every student.

Specials are short courses that rotate every six weeks, exposing students to a greater variety of subjects and opportunities to pursue learning that appeals to their interests. 


Bell Schedule

8:00-8:41 Mod A
8:44-9:25 Mod B
9:28-10:09 Mod C
10:12-10:53 Mod D
10:56-11:36 Mod E
11:39-12:19 Mod F
12:22-12:52 Lunch (Mod G)
12:52-1:28 Activity (Mod H)
1:31-2:12 Mod I
2:15-2:55 ModJ